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Animal Research Advisory Committee Guidelines

A. Administrative:

  1. Guidelines for Preparing USDA Annual Reports and Assigning USDA Pain & Distress Categories, 9/27/17
  2. Guidelines for Animal Medical Record Keeping and Transfer of Records Between NIH Intramural Animal Facilities, 10/26/16

B. Animal Care and Use Procedures:

  1. NIH Animal Transportation Guidelines
    1. Guidelines for NIH Rodent Transportation, 12/09/15
    2. Guidelines for NIH Non-Rodent Transportation, 12/09/15
  2. Guidelines for Survival Bleeding of Mice and Rats, 08/12/15
  3. Guidelines for Tissue Collection for Genotyping Mice and Rats , 02/28/18 REVISED
  4. Guidelines for Euthanasia of Rodent Fetuses and Neonates, 06/22/16
  5. Guidelines for Euthanasia of Rodents Using Carbon Dioxide, 01/25/17
  6. Guidelines for Survival Rodent Surgery, 07/26/17
  7. Guidelines for Diet Control in Laboratory Animals, 12/1/17 REVISED
  8. Guidelines for the Use of Adjuvants in Research, 08/24/16
  9. Guidelines for Toe Clipping of Rodents, 10/26/16
  10. Guidelines for Ascites Production in Mice, 02/10/16
  11. Guidelines for Egg and Oocyte Harvesting in Xenopus laevis, 10/26/16
  12. Guidelines for Pain and Distress in Laboratory Animals: Responsibilities, Recognition and Alleviation, 06/10/15
  13. Guidelines for Endpoints in Animal Study Proposals, 03/04/16
  14. Guidelines for the Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds in Laboratory Animals, 04/27/16
  15. Guidelines for the Select Use of Expired Medical Products, 9/26/2018 REVISED
  16. Guidelines for the Use of Preservative-free Pharmaceuticals & Parenteral Fluids in Laboratory Animals, 04/27/16
  17. Guidelines for Use of Zebrafish in the NIH Intramural Research Program, 06/22/16
  18. Guidelines for t he Establishment and Use of Mouse Breeding Groups, 02/10/16

C. Animal Care and Use Committee:

  1. Guidelines on Classifying Deficiencies Identified During Semiannual Reviews, 01/14/15
  2. Guidelines for Responding to Animal Care & Use Complaints from Outside NIH, 01/25/17
    1. DDIR Policy Memo: Communicating Animal Care and Use Concerns within the NIH Intramural Research Program, 01/14/15
  3. Guideline Regarding Significant Changes to Animal Study Proposals, 02/28/18 REVISED
  4. Guidelines for Collaborative Animal Studies, 08/26/16
  5. Guidelines for ACUC Oversight of Animal Activities in Shared and Central Facilities, 01/25/17
  6. Guideline for Review, Approval, & Post Approval Monitoring of Animal Study Proposals Including Designated Member Review, 01/25/17
  7. Guidelines for ACUC Oversight of Satellite Facilities, Study Areas, Laboratories and other Animal Activity Areas, 10/14/15
  8. Guidelines for ACUC Membership, 10/14/15
  9. Guideline for Completing the NIH Intramural Animal Study Proposal Form, 03/22/17

D. Facility Management:

  1. Guidelines for Co-Housing Multiple Species of Laboratory Animals, 06/10/15
  2. Guidelines for Personnel Protection in Animal Facilities, 02/10/16
  3. Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis in Nonhuman Primates, 03/22/17
  4. Guidelines for General Species Environmental Enrichment, 03/22/17
    1. Appendix 1: Environmental Enrichment of Rodents, 03/22/17
    2. Appendix 2: Environmental Enrichment (Behavioral Management) of Nonhuman Primates, 03/22/17
  5. Guidelines for Social Housing of Rodents and Aquatic Species, 5/23/2018 REVISED