Animal Research Advisory Committee (ARAC) Guidelines

A. Administrative:

  1. Preparing USDA Annual Reports and Assigning USDA Reporting Columns, 09/23/2020
  2. Animal Medical Record Keeping and Transfer of Records Between NIH Intramural Animal Facilities, 12/09/2020
  3. Collecting and Releasing Animal Images and Audio Recordings, 06/28/2023 REVISED
  4. Post-Study Research Animal Disposition, 04/27/2022

B. Animal Care and Use Procedures:

  1. NIH Animal Transportation Guidelines
    1. Rodent Transportation, 12/14/2022
    2. Non-Rodent Transportation, 03/22/2023 REVISED
  2. Survival Blood Collection in Mice and Rats, 12/14/2022
  3. Tissue Collection for Genotyping Mice and Rats , 01/26/2022
  4. Euthanasia of Rodent Fetuses and Neonates, 09/23/2020 ARCHIVED
  5. Euthanasia of Rodents Using Carbon Dioxide, 12/09/2020
  6. Rodent Survival Surgery, 04/26/2023 REVISED
  7. Diet Control in Laboratory Animals, 03/22/2023 REVISED
  8. Use of Adjuvants in Research, 04/27/2022
  9. Toe Clipping of Rodents, 03/23/2022
  10. Ascites Production in Mice, 01/23/2019 ARCHIVED
  11. Xenopus laevis Egg and Oocyte Harvesting, 03/23/2022
  12. Pain and Distress in Laboratory Animals: Responsibilities, Recognition, and Intervention, 12/09/2020
  13. Endpoints in Animal Study Proposals, 04/27/2022
  14. Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds in Laboratory Animals, 04/26/2023 REVISED
  15. Expired Medical Products, 01/26/2022
  16. Preservative-free Pharmaceuticals & Parenteral Fluids in Laboratory Animals, 04/28/2021
  17. Animal Study Proposals Using Zebrafish in the NIH Intramural Research Program, 07/26/2023 REVISED
  18. Mouse Breeding Groups, 03/23/2022
  19. Investigator-Managed, Small-Scale Zebrafish Facilities, 06/24/2020

C. Animal Care and Use Committee:

  1. Classifying Deficiencies Identified During Semiannual Evaluations, 05/24/2023 REVISED
  2. Responding to Animal Care & Use Complaints from Outside NIH, 07/26/2023 REVISED
    1. DDIR Policy Memo: Communicating Animal Care and Use Concerns within the NIH Intramural Research Program, 09/23/2022
  3. Changes to Animal Study Proposals, 05/24/2023 REVISED
  4. Collaborative Animal Studies, 04/26/2023 REVISED
  5. Communication Between User and Lead ACUCs, Oversight of Animal Study Proposal Activities and Management in Animal Facilities, 12/14/2022
  6. Review and Approval of Animal Study Proposals and Significant Changes, 05/24/2023 REVISED
  7. Satellite Facilities, Study Areas, Laboratories, and other Animal Activity Areas, 12/09/2020
  8. Animal Care and Use Committee Membership, 04/27/2022
  9. Completing the NIH Intramural Animal Study Proposal Form, 09/22/2021
  10. Assessment and Reporting of Adverse Events, Unexpected Outcomes, and Animal Welfare Concerns, 07/26/2023 NEW

D. Facility Management:

  1. Co-Housing Multiple Species of Laboratory Animals, 12/14/2022
  2. Personal Protective Equipment in Animal Facilities, 12/14/2022
  3. Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis in Nonhuman Primates, 06/28/2023 REVISED
  4. General Species Environmental Enrichment, 05/24/2023 REVISED
    1. Appendix 1: Environmental Enrichment of Rodents, 07/26/2023 REVISED
    2. Appendix 2: Environmental Enrichment (Behavioral Management) of Nonhuman Primates, 12/09/2020
  5. Social Housing of Social Species, 12/01/2021

Please note: The guidelines, policies, and resource documents featured on this page are intended for the NIH Intramural Research Program and are not to be considered guidance from the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) or any other oversight entity.

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