• Poster 20
    Phenotyping – Characterizing Traits Research
    This light blue poster displays a white mouse on the bottom left hand side of the poster looking up at a chart. The mouse has a long black pointer and is apparently and describing three pictures on the chart. The pictures are used to describe the labels outwardly observable or phenotypical traits. On the upper left side of the poster the word in bold face is “Anatomical” and shows a large dog standing up with a small dog underneath. On the upper right side is the word “Behavioral”were there are two brown same species scruffy looking dogs. The one on the left energetically walking on its back feet, tail wagging, mouth agape and ears erect. The other dog on the right side is listless and appears to be sleeping. The third picture is titled “Physiological” and shows a trio of same species dog. However the one on the left is slender, the middle one is heavy set and on the right has rough fur and a medium size. The subtitle is, “A Program Sponsored by The NIH Animal Care and Use Committee, 496-5424.” The OACU and the NIH logos are also shown.